Twitch Customer Service & Shipping

Posted by andrew horvath on

Shipping is not free. If you have an issues regarding shipping we have a ticket system to help with that. Below I will show you how to use the ticket system. It involves having a discord. 

Step 1: Make sure you have a discord account.

Step 2: Join the discord by hitting this link below!

Step 3: After joining the discord click on the channel called "TICKETS FOR SUPPORT"

Step 4: We are almost done. Once you click on tickets for support all you have to do is click on the mail icon. 

Step 5: After hitting Create ticket it will make a new chatroom for customer service, shipping, and the owners to be on the same page with you as to what the issue is. When the new chatroom starts please just post what your issue is and first and last name so we can look up the order.

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