"Degenerate Gasper" Break Mat (All Profits Go To Charity)

"Degenerate Gasper" Break Mat (All Profits Go To Charity)

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Break Mat is 24 x14 inches! 

All profits are getting donated to my sister. Long story short at the beggining of the year she had a tumor in her lungs that couldnt be diagnosied until it was removed. Thank any higher power that exists, it was removed safely. Tumor was later exaimed as cancerious but she was able to get it out in time. The surgery ended up being alot differnt then she was told at the time. Due to the fact of how big it was they needed to operate on the side of her lung. This caused alot longer of a recovery time for her. I've been doing my best the last months to support her during the recovery. Paying her bills for her and my niece, doing whatever I can for her financially possible. She lost her job due to these conditions. Luckily she has found a new one but we are working on catching up her bills and rent. Economic times are rough right now for everyone. I truly Appriciate any purchase or support with this item. Every cent of profit will be going to her and my niece. 

This is the first launch of my merch. The idea behind my merch is it will always be limited and in long term goals id like it to be considered a collectiable and unique! 

The Break Mat was made in america fully. Inked gaming made and printed the mats for me.

The mat was fully designed from "INKEDUPMISTY"  all drawn from hand

Limited to only 100. 


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